Martin Palmer - Leader


Early in his freelance orchestral career Martin worked often with the London Philharmonic and Bournemouth Symphony orchestras.  Much of his work throughout his career has been in been in the world of theatre.  Martin worked for many years as violinist with English National Ballet.  He works regularly in London’s West End.  He is a guest leader for Les Misérables at the Sondheim Theatre and also on the current UK tour. 

Martin is a founder member of the Sussex String Quartet.  The quartet has recorded music for film soundtracks such as A Dangerous Game and Five Seconds to Spare, for television commercials and for Universal Music Group.

Martin is currently a visiting violin teacher at Caterham School.

In 1998 Martin took over the leadership of the Mid Sussex Sinfonia from his former teacher, Martin Cannings.  Since then, he has appeared often with the Sinfonia as soloist, performing solos such as Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending and directing from the violin Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and other baroque concertos.

Martin plays an instrument made in 1756 by Ambroise de Comble, a pupil of Stradivarius.

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Image by MartinJPalmer